ManageMate has a simple philosophy - 'If you can measure it, you can manage it'

Engineering Excellence Awards

The Bottom Line

Our unique combination of 'bench-mark' hardware and software solutions coupled with extensive industry experience from our own research and development allows us to deliver products and services to our customers with accurate and robust methods for measuring and managing information so as to significantly improve their 'Bottom Line'.

Products & Services

ManageMate's expertise in research and development as well as manufacturing and servicing allow us to uniquely provide a full range of information management services.

These include:

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  • The assessment of your current management infrastructure.
  • The development and implementation of the required information management system.
  • The integration of all levels of the new system within your company.
  • The maintenance and servicing of the system.

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ManageMate is your one-stop information management services provider

Whether it is the delivery of a new management idea into reality, the simple provision of service and parts, or a service anywhere in between.

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