Posted on Monday, 09 August 2010
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Want to optimise routing for your waste vehicles; know where they are and where they have been????

WASTEMate is a sophisticated solution that gives Council and Waste Contractors, information and tools needed to improve route productivity, provide better customer service and improve fleet maintenance. It can also capture other vital information that can be used as actionable intelligence for Waste related decisions.

There are a host of ‘GPS/Route Planning Software’ systems on the market, but there are few genuine ‘fleet/waste management’ systems. On face value, these systems do appear to do similar things because Councils and Contractors understand GPS and mapping, and these familiar features are often promoted to get people’s attention.

The reality is however, quite different. A lot of system providers can set you up with a ‘tracking’ solution quite easily but as many have already found out, ‘seeing where your trucks are on a computer screen’ in itself, doesn’t provide a lot of value.

The other problem is that most users of these systems don’t realize the full impact that the available information can have on their business until after they start using the system on a regular basis. This is precisely why your choice of a Truck based reporting systems provider is so important.

Councils and Waste Contractors face the issue of having new drivers or drivers being away for various reasons; annual leave, sick or RDO’s. Having the ability to provide these drivers with a detailed plan and route will maintain productivity and reduce ratepayer complaints for missed services, which can happen in these situations.

WASTEMate’s “Route Plan” software has been developed to meet this very need.

“Route Plan” will allow you to:

  • Capture & store completed routes for all vehicles
  • Replay, review & optimise routes based on actual run data *Identify and store customer locations, and other business critical information along these runs
  • Allocate a specific run name and/or number to a route for future reference.

Combining WASTEMate’s “Route Plan” software with our GPSMate hardware modules, Councils and Waste Contractors will always be in a position to cope with situations where regular drivers are absent.

Utilising GPSMate with our ‘in cabin’ touch screen and ‘on board’ computer module, “Route Plan” software will provide new or relief drivers with:

  • The ability to select specific runs for that vehicle and day
  • In cabin display with fully detailed maps and routes
  • ‘Real time’ progress updates

Further Modules available with WASTEMate’s GPSMate:

Using GPSMate as the base for all ‘truck based’ reporting, additional modules can be added, giving clients more detailed information about their fleets daily activity.

  • RFIDMate: specialized Radio Frequency Identification system designed by our own extensive R & D Department specifically for the waste industry. It is used to identify and collect unique bin lift data. Used to integrate into Council databases, to enable bins to be tracked back to a property or unit, can include detail such as, ratepayer account, address, property assessment ID etc.
  • VIDEOMate: unique video capturing system which allows for both the capture and storage on the truck of all video data generated during the waste collection run as well as the generation and immediate transmission of all ‘flagged event’ video data. This upgrade provides the ability for authorized staff to remotely access the truck stored data/video images for immediate action. MANAGEMate call this Video on Demand, (VoD). This capability is at the forefront of the industry.
  • WEIGHMate: unique to MANAGEMate, allows the capture of actual individual bin weights. It can be tailored to meet ‘side lift’, ‘rear lift’, ‘front lift’, ‘under body’ and ‘individual bin’ weighing configurations. Can provide an ‘overall’ and/or ‘bin-specific’ weight (not average bin weight) for the waste collected.
  • Input/Output (I/O)capability: ability to take up to 6 additional analogy/digital sensor inputs. i.e. – RPM, brake application, oil temperature warning, etc.
  • GPSMate Ultra: a further upgrade module but with onboard computer and touch screen. This gives GPSMate the added capability of linking ‘flagged events’ to actual ‘bins’ (by RFID tag and GPS), an ability for driver inputs via a touch screen (i.e. – waste type and quantity) and generation, storage and wireless upload of data for driver generated ‘flagged events’ for real time viewing.

For more information on these and the full suite of options available with WASTEMate, please contact Ray Gonella on (02) 9756 2622 or view our website at

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