Improving performance in Fleet Utilisation

Posted on Tuesday, 13 April 2010
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MANAGEMate is a leader in Waste Collection & Tracking technologies, a management process that provides councils & waste operators with important information about their assets and operators that to date has not been easily accessible by managers. Data is collected by important on-vehicle devices, and then transmitted wirelessly so it can be used as actionable intelligence in fleet related decisions.

The highest priorities for most fleets include managing operator behaviour, speed, fleet productivity and taking actions to improve customer service.

‘Truck based’ ** technologies provides the platform for councils & waste operators to ‘network’ their assets and operators into their back-end systems. For example, information on speeding, aggressive driving, engine idling, distances driven and the vehicle’s route can provide valuable insights into helping improve vehicle utilisation, fleet maintenance, operator performance and customer service levels.

The goal is to make the right decisions that will lead to safer behaviours reduced carbon emissions, better customer service and the increased productivity of assets and operators.

MANAGEMate’s approach focuses on areas of high operating cost and provide a practical methodology to measure, report and institute changes that will better manage costs related to:

• Vehicle Route Productivity

• Vehicle Utilisation

• Operator Behaviour and Productivity

• Maintenance Management

WASTEMate provides quality information for use by operations management to help achieve cost savings and productivity improvements across their fleet.

For more information on our full suite of options available including Fleet Utilisation please contact Ray Gonella on (02) 9756 2622 or at

  • ** a term for describing the converging of various technologies to deliver a continuous stream of data remotely, reporting via the internet on the operation and performance of assets.
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