Truck Based reporting Systems

Posted on Thursday, 22 April 2010
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‘Truck based’ reporting is a term for describing the converging of various technologies to deliver a continuous stream of data remotely, reporting via the internet on the operation and performance of assets.

With a MANAGEMate system installed, you will have at your fingertips anywhere that you have internet connectivity, information and reports on vehicle location, its speed, points of interest and route mapping through to more advanced monitoring which can include bin pickup data, individual bin weights and video capture of pre determined events.

And you need this information in a form that helps you manage your business better. That’s why we focus on delivering reports that quickly identify what fleet managers and contractors really want and merge our capabilities with the practical day-to-day needs of running your fleet.

For more information on our full suite of options available with ‘truck based reporting’ please contact Ray Gonella on (02) 9756 2622 or at

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