WASTEMate Waste Tracking & Collection System (WCTS) by MANAGEMATE

Posted on Thursday, 22 April 2010
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The WASTEMate WCTS is unique in that it delivers the reliability of a tried and proven ‘off-the-shelf’ product with the flexibility associated with having your own R&D department for further specific data collection and/or report generation. It is capable of delivering this by recording and storing ‘one-to-one’ data for each bin, which can then be accessed and analyzed with our ‘core’ reports, or by additional ‘data-specific’ reports designed for you.

The WASTEMate WCTS, through detailed knowledge of the data associated with the waste collection process, improves:

  • Data Generation, Collection and Analysis;
  • Commercial and Environmental Accountability;
  • Waste Management;
  • Personnel Management; and,
  • Overall Resource Management.
  • Asset Audit and Maintenance Management

It does this by:

  • Providing valid and accurate data for each individual bin including weight, waste type, time of service, bin owner and bin location;
  • Recording the time the bin was lifted and if it was within the allowed time-frame for this activity;
  • Determining if waste collected is in the correct category and/or location for the allocated pick up;
  • Identifying bin contamination with visual information assisting in any dispute resolution;
  • Determining if a bin has been moved from its account location;
  • Generating real, ‘one-to-one’ information (not implied or derived);
  • Providing ‘real-time’ access to generated data;
  • Monitoring driver performance including truck location, how many lifts and total time taken;
  • Tracking vehicle activity; and,
  • Providing ‘real-time’ reporting with ‘on-line’, web-based services.

The reliability and durability of the WASTEMate WCTS is based on our unique Data Generation system which provides for the collection of data across a number of individual ‘one-to-one’ processes (RFID, Weighing, GPS and Video Capture) all of which provide direct data as well as back-up data which gives double and sometimes triple redundancies for the critical data sources.

WASTEMate GPSMate solution, is the starting point for ‘truck based’ reporting and is used to track mobile assets such as waste bins, collection trucks etc.

This solution will also include a range of “input/output” sensors to record and report Rear Door/side lift arm activation. It provides:

  • Rear Door/side lift arm activation provides location and Truck Tracking (for location & heading) via GPS;
  • Emergency input or “panic button” is standard for OHS emergency situations and provides GPS location in real time.

GPSMate can provide ‘Site Geofencing’ which enables the user to clearly identify key locations for better route and vehicle maintenance (i.e. Depot locations, Tip and Transfer Stations etc)

All data is transmitted to a ‘web based” central management system (utilizing 3G communication) where it can be accessed and analyzed by personnel with the appropriate access levels.


An upgraded solution, which includes WASTEMate GPSMate with an additional module, RFIDMate.

This involves GPSMate, with the following additional functionality:

  • Bin counts provided by RFID tags plus our specialized ‘arm-count’ – which provides for a ‘valid arm-lift’ and not just an ‘arm-lift’ – may also be provided by the standard mechanical (truck) count (where available) and/or linked to truck computer – ‘triple-redundant’ bin-count solution;
  • Highest accuracy / reliability bin identification utilizing our specialized RFID system;
  • Highest accuracy / reliability to identify waste type and/or bin type;


An upgraded solution, which includes WASTEMate GPSMate with an additional module, WEIGHMate.

This involves GPSMate, with the following additional functionality:

  • Ability to provide individual bin weights
  • Provides static and dynamic weighing on all makes of waste collection trucks
  • Automatic use and ease of operation – no driver intervention
  • Has in built Bin counter
  • Total weight of truck for road and travel safety


An upgraded solution, which includes WASTEMate GPSMate with an additional module, VIDEOMate.

This involves GPSMate, with the following additional functionality:

  • Capability to capture video images from truck monitor or cameras at an average rate of two (2) frames per second during the complete waste collection shift (at 35KB per image)
  • Digital Video recorder that can store up to two (2) weeks video data which can be accessed for review of specific flagged events or special requests

GPSMate Ultra:

A further upgraded solution, which includes an Onboard Computer and Touch screen.

This involves GPSMate, with the following additional functionality:

  • Flagged Events capable and linked to actual GPS location;
  • Generation, storage and wireless upload of data for ‘in field’ generated ‘Flagged Events for reports.
  • Ability for driver inputs via touch screen (i.e. – waste type and quantity)


The Bin / Asset Management and Auditing system by ManageMate

Includes the supply of ‘hand-held’ units, a label printer, ‘Data Input Devices’, incorporating the relevant software license, for the generation of the Bin-ID Database, its integration with the provided ‘Council Database’ and subsequent ongoing bin auditing and maintenance) as well as our assistance in your management of:

  • the ‘Bin-ID Tagging’ at bin manufacture and/or by way of ‘retro-fitting’ current bins in the field;
  • the ‘paper-less’ and ‘automated’ data input for the generation of the ‘Bin-ID Database’; and
  • where relevant, any initial, physical ‘Bin-Rollout’.

In summary, WASTEMate WCTS with its modular approach to ‘truck based’ reporting allows you to combine GPSMate with any individual or all listed modules to provide clients with market leading solutions.

Subject to the system being serviced and maintained regularly and in accordance with ‘best-result’ operational parameters, the System’s overall service level for individual bin lift data is estimated at ninety-five percent (95%).

For more information on the full suite of options available with WASTEMate, please contact Ray Gonella on (02) 9756 2622 or view our website at www.managemate.com.au.

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