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Posted on Thursday, 22 April 2010
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Today’s Local Government environment, by nature, has many competing demands placed on it. Business and domestic constituents all want premium services provided, resulting in competition for the limited resources available to Council and as such, decisions on the best allocation of funds can be and is a complex issue for the elected representatives and key Council staff.

Taking direct feedback from senior council stakeholders and waste contractors, MANAGEMate’s industry leading waste collection and reporting system, WASTEMate, has undergone a series of recent upgrades.

The WASTEMate, GPSMate module lets you start the journey into ‘truck based’ reporting and is ideal for the Council that realizes the benefits, but is not quite ready to commit to a complete waste tracking and collection technology. Even at this starting point you still experience market leading ‘truck based’ solutions through MANAGEMate’s superior hardware and software solutions.

WASTEMate is a sophisticated solution that gives Council and Waste Contractors, information and tools needed to improve asset utilization, increase route productivity, provide better customer service and improve fleet maintenance. It also captures other vital information that can be used as actionable intelligence for Waste related decisions.

In its base configuration, WASTEMate (GPSMate module) provides:

  • Location: details about a range of attributes including, the assets current and past locations, and speed, ID No. and co-ordinates. By simply placing your computers cursor over the asset, key information can be viewed instantly on a map.
  • Trip Reports: Valuable information on the assets activities including start & stop times, distances and operating hours, key locations of interest which can help improve the assets utilization and operational efficiency.
  • Trip Replay: The ability to view the route taken during a shift for detailed scrutiny of asset activities
  • Asset Utilization: The ability to quickly see the utilization of all assets or an individual asset, on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.
  • Asset Maintenance: asset servicing dates are calculated from ‘live’ readings and calculated to provide a maintenance program that is genuinely based on real-time averages to provide accurate servicing requirements not ‘best guesses’.
  • Bin Counts: bin counts provided by our specialized ‘arm count’ system – which provides for a ‘fully complete arm lift’. Can also utilize existing truck hardware.
  • Emergency Button: enables the driver to report critical events with the push of a button which can improve OH & S – (records date, time and location of event for later viewing)
  • Site Identification: can provide ‘site geofencing’ which enables the user to clearly identify and report on key locations for better route and vehicle optimization.
  • G sensor: to accurately report on any excessive braking, cornering, accident or rollover situations.
  • Mobile Communications: the use of either the 3G/2G networks or the clients own internal system via WiFi connection to provide data for accurate and objective decision making.

Benefits of MANAGEMate’s, GPSMate

  • Improved Customer Service: by having data on the assets activities, enables key segments of the Council or organization to be accurately informed of the whereabouts of assets and staff.
  • Reduce Fleet Size: by thorough understanding how your assets operate, you can manage it more efficiently. Doing the same work with fewer assets provides a financial benefit. Helps eliminate the fixed costs associated with idle assets.
  • Reduce the Risk of Theft or Unauthorized Use: whilst not a common occurrence, knowing where your assets are and being alerted to any unauthorized movements reduce the risk of theft or damage.

Upgrade Modules available to WASTEMate’s GPSMate:

Using GPSMate as the base for all ‘truck based’ reporting, additional modules can be added, giving clients more detailed information about their fleets daily activity.

  • RFIDMate: specialized Radio Frequency Identification system designed by our own extensive R & D Department specifically for the waste industry. It is used to identify and collect unique bin lift data. Used to integrate into Council databases, to enable bins to be tracked back to a property or unit, can include detail such as, ratepayer account, address, property assessment ID etc.
  • VIDEOMate: unique video capturing system which allows for both the capture and storage on the truck of all video data generated during the waste collection run as well as the generation and immediate transmission of all ‘flagged event’ video data. This upgrade provides the ability for authorized staff to remotely access the truck stored data/video images for immediate action. MANAGEMate call this Video on Demand, (VoD). This capability is at the forefront of the industry.
  • WEIGHMate: unique to MANAGEMate, allows the capture of actual individual bin weights. It can be tailored to meet ‘side lift’, ‘rear lift’, ‘front lift’, ‘under body’ and ‘individual bin’ weighing configurations. Can provide an ‘overall’ and/or ‘bin-specific’ weight (not average bin weight) for the waste collected.
  • Input/Output (I/O) capability: ability to take up to 6 additional analog/digital sensor inputs. i.e. – RPM, brake application, oil temperature warning, rear door activation.
  • GPSMate Ultra: a further upgrade module but with onboard computer and touch screen. This gives GPSMate the added capability of linking ‘flagged events’ to actual ‘bins’ ( by RFID tag and GPS), an ability for driver inputs via a touch screen (i.e. – waste type and quantity) and generation, storage and wireless upload of data for driver generated ‘flagged events’ for real time viewing.

For more information on these and the full suite of options available with WASTEMate, please contact Ray Gonella on (02) 9756 2622 or view our website at www.managemate.com.au.

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