Indipendant Information Collection Management Systems

The WASTEMate WCTS is unique in that it delivers the reliability of a tried and proven ‘off-the-shelf’ product with the flexibility associated with having your own R&D department for further specific data collection and/or report generation. It is capable of delivering this by recording and storing ‘one-to-one’ data for each bin, which can then be accessed and analysed with our ‘core’ reports, or by additional ‘data-specific’ reports designed for you.

The reliability and durability of the WASTEMate WCTS is based on our unique Data Generation system which provides for the collection of data across a number of individual ‘one-to-one’ processes (RFID, Weighing, GPS and Video Capture) all of which provide direct data as well as back-up data which gives double and sometimes triple redundancies for the critical data sources.